Additional Information

Excursions are normally school to destination. Schools wishing to visit additional locations (i.e., McDonalds or locations other than the destination of the excursion, etc.) during an excursion will be charged for the extra mileage and driver time. Additional destinations, including the location name and address, must be specified in the ‘special instruction’ of Web Trips.

Excursion sponsors should contact the Transportation excursion supervisor at the following email, to check the availability of buses on the requested date prior to submitting your request via Webtrips. Excursion buses are limited and will be scheduled, upon entry of the request, on a first come first serve basis. Telephone contact is for date availability only, no reservations will be accepted over the phone. Excursion Sponsors are responsible for any/all fees associated with the excursion/trip (i.e. parking fees, entrance fees, etc. This includes driver meals and accommodations for overnight trips.)

  • Mountain Trips
    • Excursion requests for mountain trips must be pre-approved by the Transportation Services Department. Mountain trips must be received a minimum of 15 student/teacher contact days prior to the event. Mountain trips include Red Rocks, Dinosaur Ridge and any area west of Red Rocks. Excursions to Balarat Outdoor Environmental Center, other than those pre-scheduled by the Balarat Office, must be scheduled through the Excursion Supervisor, not the Balarat Office. The Balarat buses are specially designed for mountain driving. These buses must be available on the date of the excursion. Other buses cannot be used.
  • Saturday Trips
    • Saturday trips, and those out of the four county area (Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, and Jefferson counties) will require approval by the Transportation Services Department. Late evening/night trips will be billed for actual driver time and mileage.
  • Multi-Day Excursions
    • If an excursion is to be repeated over several dates, a request for each date must be entered. It is important that the excursion sponsor call the Excursion Supervisor, (720) 423-4621, at least three (3) days prior to the excursion to verify/confirm pertinent details of the excursion (i.e. pick up times, destination, passenger count, etc.). In fact, it may be a good idea to call again on the day of the excursion.NOTE: Accounts will not be charged for excursions until after the completion of the excursion/trip. It is suggested that you not apply more than a month in advance.The Transportation Services Department is not responsible for information that is lost in the mail. 
  • Directions
    • Sponsors are required to know the directions to the excursion location from his or her school. Sponsors will be solely responsible for directions to a location outside the metro area.
  • Special Needs Requests
    • Excursions involving disabled/special needs students must list the number of wheelchairs that need to be transported on the original excursion request.If you are unsure as to the date of the excursion or whether transportation will be needed, enter an excursion request for the possible projected date. If you later determine that the bus is not needed, cancel immediately by emailing the 
  • Delays
    • On occasion, sponsors will incur delays at the excursion site. Many times these delays impact regularly scheduled routes. If excursion times are extended, groups may have to be left at the excursion site until other transportation can be made available. This will also result in additional transportation charges. Be ready to depart at the scheduled time.
  • Cleanliness/Behavior
    • It is the driver and sponsor’s responsibility to keep the bus clean and to insure proper pupil behavior during the excursion.
      • An Adult sponsor (employee of the District) MUST be on the bus during all excursions.
      • It is the sponsor’s responsibility to check for items that may be left on the bus before leaving the bus.Buses are to transport students and staff only. Sponsors should be aware that parents and smaller children may ride the bus on excursions with the permission from the principal only. Seating capacity and law must be adhered to at all times. Strollers are not allowed on the school bus.
  • Special Arrangements
    • Special arrangements (i.e. Truck from the Warehouse) should be made to carry instruments and/or special equipment to events. These items will not be allowed on the bus: Roller skates, roller blades, skate boards, and/or scooters unless contained in a backpack, gym bag, etc.