Success Express Shuttle

Success Express features a fleet of DPS buses that circulate through the Far Northeast and Central neighborhoods and offer students multiple opportunities to catch a ride. The shuttle runs for several hours in the morning and afternoon, facilitating more flexible school days and on-time access for students to their participating school of choice.

Students can get on or off any bus at any stop. Every bus has two adults on board – the driver and a paraprofessional, whose primary job will be to make sure students are getting on and off at the right spot, and doing so safely.

Click on the buttons below to access the Shuttle Schedules for either the Far Northeast or Central region.

Family Tips for Helping Students Ride the Success Express:

  1. We encourage all families to read over the shuttle schedule with their students to understand how it works, what shuttle number they should take and the best times for them to catch the shuttle to get to and from school.

  2. When waiting for the shuttle, students should not be pushing, shoving or playing at the stop. In no circumstances should a student run after the bus.

  3. Shuttle buses do not wait for student to come out of houses or school buildings so all students should be ready to board.

  4. Students should board in an orderly manner, take their seat promptly and remain seated for the entire ride to and from school.

  5. We recommend families work with students regularly throughout the year to remember good bus behavior and safety tips to ensure a smooth ride to and from school. Bus safety tips and the Student Code of Conduct are available by clicking the green “School Bus Safety” button.

Success Express Resources

Click on the button below to find out more about helpful resources for students and families when it comes to riding the school bus.

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